We Make Custom Engagement Rings

Create the symbol of your unique love story with our custom engagement rings. At Fatz & Co, we transform your vision into a sparkling reality, crafting rings that resonate with your personal touch. Choose from a variety of exquisite gemstones, metals, and designs, and let our expert artisans forge a one-of-a-kind treasure that celebrates your journey together. A custom engagement ring isn't just a piece of jewelry; it's a timeless expression of commitment, tailored just for you."

  • 1. Custom Form

  • 2. Design & Rendering

  • 3. Crafting and Manufacturing

  • 4. Final Inspection and Delivery

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Get Inspired

Not sure which diamond shape to go for? Look through our selection.

  • Round

    Classic and timeless, offers brilliant sparkle, most popular diamond shape.

  • Cushion

    Soft, rounded edges with square shape, antique feel, romantic appearance.

  • Princess

    Modern square cut, pointed corners, popular for engagement rings.

  • Asscher

    Square with cropped corners, Art Deco style, vintage elegance.

  • Heart

    Symbol of love, uniquely shaped, romantic choice, intricate craftsmanship

  • Oval

    Elongated shape, brilliant facets, offers unique twist on tradition.

  • Emerald

    Rectangular, step-cut facets, emphasizes clarity, sophisticated and timeless.

  • Pear

    Teardrop shape, combines round and marquise, distinctive and elegant.

  • Marquise

    Elongated with pointed ends, maximizes carat weight, eye-catching.

  • Baguette

    Long, rectangular shape, often used as side stones, sleek.